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ThisOldRV is now CampfireClicks!

Over the last few years ThisOldRV.com has become a popular site for owners of classic RVs & Campers to connect and get information on everything from unknowns and classics to newer new models "just" off the lot.  As we've grown we've realized that we need to support more types, styles and model years of RVs and Campers than just the classics. 
So we're adding a ton of new features for our members, like you, and wrapping it all in a new domain name that better reflects the diversity of the RVs owned by all the members of our site making this a very friendly place for everyone who wants to join in the fun (even if they don't own an "old" RV).  Don't worry, ThisOldRV will be alive and well inside the new site...it'll just get a face lift and some new features that make it easier to find, use and have fun in (kinda like when we fix up our old RVs).
We're certainly sorry for any inconvenience our downtime may cause while we work on these changes - but we're pretty confident you'll like the results when we're done.

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